Framework informing decision-making

The following framework informs and directs recommendations and decision-making on transport-related matters:

  1. The primary role of SU is to serve as a catalyst for and promoter of the creation of new and sustainable public transport opportunities connecting with existing public transport options.
  2. Within this context SU supports walking and cycling as preferential options for the central campus, with a day shuttle service used to connect the periphery of campus and central campus.
  3. SU encourages private service providers to render complementary services connecting the campus with public transport or other private service off-campus.
  4. The specific context and circumstances of each request are taken into account during decision-making.
  5. Decisions must always comply with legal requirements. These include legislation in terms of the licensing of vehicles and the Consumer Protection Act.
  6. The SU wants to strengthen its relations with the community through its actions. Close interaction, liaison and cooperation among the various role-players are therefore essential.
  7. Involvement in transport services must take place in a financially viable manner.
  8. Services on campus are afforded by a combination of ‘user pays’ and a SU subsidy. The relation between the two components is determined by the SU Management in accordance with SU priorities and availability of funds.
  9. The user pays for services off-campus.