Stellenbosch University offers staff, students, and visitors parking on university grounds within the context of the SU’s Parking Management System. This system allows for differentiated parking for the optimal utilization of the limited parking available on central campus.

NB: Registration of a motor vehicle and the payment of the parking tariff DO NOT guarantee a parking bay, but only ensure the right of access to the particular type of parking bay on a first come, first served basis.

Terms and conditions (SU Parking rules and Regulations)

1. Should students or staff wish to park a private motor vehicle or a university vehicle on university grounds, this vehicle must be electronically registered at the relevant University division.
2. Access may be restricted to certain parking areas or parts thereof at short notice if necessary for operational reasons, such as during maintenance or building projects or events such as “Woordfees”. The necessary arrangements will be made timeously in relevant cases.
3. With the electronic application or written application (where applicable):
  3.1 The applicant confirms that he/she has personally applied for access to parking on Stellenbosch University grounds.
  3.2 The applicant gives permission that the parking tariff based on the type of parking allocated to him/her:
    3.2.1 May be deducted from his/her salary (staff), or
    3.2.2 May be collected via his/her student account (student).
    3.2.3 Will be paid via card payment at the SU cashiers, only if electronic deduction is not possible.
  3.3 The applicant undertakes to obey the rules applicable to university parking, as set out in the terms and conditions.
  3.4 The applicant accepts that, in order to promote the optimal utilization of parking areas, for certain types of parking bays more staff and students will be allocated to an area than are parking bays available. The principle of “first come, first served” therefore applies to the use of this type of parking. This means that the registration of a motor vehicle and the payment of the parking tariff do not necessarily guarantee a parking bay. See “Types of parking areas and parking bays for more information”
  3.5 The applicant accepts that while he/she may receive additional parking discs, this is only an arrangement to enable the identification of vehicles and does not provide the applicant with authorization to park more than one vehicle on university grounds simultaneously.
  3.6 The applicant accepts that a lack of parking does not provide him/her with authorization to contravene parking rules and regulations and that an applicant's contravention record will be taken into consideration when applying for access to parking.
  3.7 The applicant accepts responsibility for the payment of any fines charged as a result of his/her contravention of these rules.
  3.8 The applicant accepts that the booms and other measures implemented are for access control only and not security reasons. Although SU has Campus Security staff, it does not guarantee safety.
  3.9 The applicant accepts that vehicles are parked on university grounds at own risk and that the University cannot be held liable for any damage to or theft of a vehicle, including any loss arising from the damage or theft while parked on university grounds. The only exception is where the damage or loss is directly caused by unsafe or defective equipment or property. In other words, claims will only be considered if applicable under Section 61 of the Consumer Protection Act (Act 68 of 2008).
4. A parking disc is issued for each successful application. This disc:
  4.1 Must be displayed on the motor vehicle’s front windscreen at all times as proof of the agreement between SU and the disc holder.
  4.2 Is only valid for the year indicated on the disc.
  4.3 Only allows the disc holder access to the type of parking (reserved, non-reserved, general, disabled) and specific parking area(s) he or she has authorization for.

If you do not receive your parking disc within a month of your parking allocation it is your responsibility to follow up with your campus Parking Coordinator.

5. Fines will be charged for any unauthorized parking. Unauthorized parking includes inter alia:
  5.1 Parking on university grounds by any vehicle not registered for access and not displaying the correct parking disc.
  5.2 Parking in any parking bay for which the parking disc holder is not registered.
  5.3 Parking in contravention of any national or local traffic laws or regulations, e.g., parking on a red line or parking that obstructs access to a fire hydrant.
6. If a card holder transgresses repeatedly, his/her access to university parking will be suspended temporarily or permanently in addition to any other penalties or fines which might be imposed by an authorized authority.
7. During the registration of university vehicles for access to parking on university grounds:
  7.1 The applicant confirms that he/she is authorized to register the vehicle or vehicles for access to parking on the grounds of Stellenbosch University on behalf of the relevant division.
  7.2 The applicant undertakes that the driver(s) of the vehicle or vehicles will obey the rules applicable to university parking, as set out in the Terms and Conditions.
  7.3 The applicant accepts responsibility on behalf of the relevant division for the payment of any fines imposed for contravention of these rules by any of their drivers.