Applications and changes

  1. For staff:
    1.1 Ad hoc, non-SU, temporary and fulltime staff (all campuses)
    1.2 Resident heads


1. Staff applications
1.1 Ad hoc, non-SU, temporary, and fulltime staff (all campuses)
  1.1.1 Existing allocations are valid until the end of December. To be eligible for parking from January, you must apply electronically again.
  1.1.2 Click here to apply electronically (new applicants) or reapply (existing allocations) for access to parking on the webpage. (Link applies to both new applications and reapplications.)
  1.1.3 You will receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been submitted successfully. (If this does not happen, your application has not been submitted and you will have to repeat the process.)
Please note: 1.1.4 Indicate which type of parking you would prefer, should you not be allocated your first option.
  1.1.5 Indicate the number of parking discs. Remember, there are costs involved with additional parking discs.
  1.1.6 Please ensure that your information correctly displays the building where your office will be located in January. If the building information is incorrect, please correct it in your SUN-E-HR profile under “Sun Employee Self Service > Office Detail” before you submit your application. Confirm any changes in your office detail with your campus parking coordinator before the closing date for applications.
System open: 1 November 2023
Closing date: 21 November 2023
Allocations in force: 2 weeks after application
1.2 Resident heads
Process: 1.2.1 Send the following information via e-mail to the Deputy Director: Centre for Student Communities: name, SU number, residence, vehicle make, model, colour and registration number.
  1.2.2 The Centre for Student Communities will indicate the number of parking bays per resident head.
  1.2.3 Once a year the Centre will forward the information to the Parking Coordinator, who will arrange that the discs be issued.