Further information

Bicycle stands and sheds

While bicycle stands will still be available on campus, it is envisaged to erect various safe bicycle sheds at central points on campus. There are currently bicycle sheds available at:

  • the Arts Building
  • the Polymer Building
  • the Seminary and
  • at the Engineering Building (south side).

In order to gain access to the bicycle shed(s), bicycles may be registered for free at Vehicle Services in Banghoekweg. Your staff card or student card will then be activated to give you access to the bicycle sheds. Matie Bikes are automatically activated, but you have to apply to have your private bicycle registered.

Repairs during the rental period

1. Please contact one of the following service providers:
  • Flandria Cycle shop 021 887 1533
  • BMT Cycles 021 887 3417
  • Mason’s Bike Inn 021 883 2202


1. Report the theft to the nearest police office within 24 hours as a case number is required.

Inform Campus Security as well as the Cycling Office of the theft and confirm the case number.

  • Cycling Office between 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00-16:30: 021-808 9071
  • Campus Security: 021-808 4891 / 2333
3. Please note: Your deposit will not be refunded if your bicycle is stolen.


1. Ensure that the bike and accessories are complete. (Refer to the check list on the contract.)
2. Take the bike to Flandria Bicycle Shop for an evaluation (not any of the other service providers on the list for repairs).
  2.1 Flandria will assess the bicycle in the company of the lessee and complete an evaluation form. This form indicates the nature of the damage, if any, as well as the applicable costs. 
  2.2 The lessee signs that the information is correct
  2.3 NB. If the lessee is of the opinion that the evaluation is not reasonable, the lessee can immediately request the Bicycle Office to get an independent evaluation. This recommendation will be final. If the complaint is not logged immediately, Flandria’s recommendation will be accepted as final.  
3. Return the bicycle and the evaluation form to the Matie Bike Office at Vehicle Services.
4. The Bicycle Office evaluates that all the accessories that was rented out with the bicycle (according to the control list on the application form) are returned. If any item is not returned, the cost thereof will be deducted from the refundable deposit.  
5. If the bike(s) or equipment is damaged or destroyed, the repair costs will be deducted from the refundable deposit or the deposit may be forfeited entirely. You will also be liable for the repairs or value of the bike, depending on the extent to which it exceeds the value of the deposit. It is entirely at SU’s discretion to decide whether the bike will be repaired or written off.
6. Return date:
  6.1 The bicycle must be returned at least 5 working days before the student or staff member leaves SU in order to timeously process the refund of the deposit. (The return date and rental period therefore do not necessarily correspond)
  6.2 Please note: No cash refunds will be done. 
  6.3 Each bicycle contract indicates the final date for returning the bicycle to the Vehicle fleet. Returning the bicycle to the Matie Bike Office at the the Vehicle Fleet after this date will result in a fine of R200.
    6.3.1. 1 st Semester (January – June): 30 June 2021 is the last day on which the bicycle can be returned.
    6.3.2 2nd Semester (July – December): 3 December 2021 is the last day on which the bicycle can be returned.
    6.3.3 Year contract (January – December): 3 December 2021 is the last day on which the bicycle can be returned.
  6.4 Please note that the Matie Bike Office at Vehicle Services will be closed from 15 December 2020 to 18 January 2021.
7. Please confirm your cell / mobile phone number and contact details in case any follow-up actions are required.

Safety tips