Stellenbosch University compiled its first Mobility Master Plan in 2010. Based on this plan, ways of using motor vehicle transport in combination with other methods of transport, such as walking, cycling, lift clubs and campus shuttle services, were considered.

At the end of 2015 this was followed by an in-depth study of the transport behaviour displayed by staff and students. The idea was to obtain an understanding of what would prevent or encourage people to change their existing method of transport or complement it with other methods of transport. This data has been supplemented with data obtained from a parking audit of the Stellenbosch, Tygerberg and Bellville Park campuses. The results of these studies have been incorporated into a new plan for an integrated transport network and system, which will be implemented from 2018.

Both the 2010 plan and the new plan are within a specific framework that informs decision-making. This includes aspects such as defining the SU’s role, compliance with legal requirements, setting-off the social impact and establishing a sustainable financial model.