Applications, changes and criteria


1. For staff:
  1.1 Ad hoc, Non-SU staff temporary, and fulltime staff (all campuses)
  1.2 Resident heads
2. For students:
  2.1 Students in SU residences and other SU housing
  2.2 Private students
  2.3 Tygerberg: PhD and post-doctral students
  2.4 Holiday parking
3. Other:
  3.1 Access to additional booms
  3.2 Temporary utilisation of reserved parking bays
  3.3 SU service staff
  3.4 Parking discs for SU service vehicles
  3.5 Companies or institutions with office space at the SU
  3.6 Deliverers, couriers and consultants
  3.7 Visitors on arranged appointments
  3.8 Visitors (ad hoc)
  3.9 Patients at the Tygerberg campus
4. Changes