2. For students who live in SU housing



Allocation criteria

  2.1.1 Final allocation is made after applications have closed, and in collaboration with the residences and SU student housing.
2.2 Residence parking
  2.2.1 Parking allocated to students in a residence one person for a one-year period (allocations expire in December of each year).
  2.2.2 The number of available parking bays per parking area is divided pro rata between the residences or student houses that have access to the area concerned.
  2.2.3 Long-term parking area: A specific enclosed long-term parking area at Stellenbosch with access control, a security officer, and the campus shuttle service. Individuals do not receive allocated parking bays, but the number of available bays and number of allocations are the same. N.B. As Tygerberg is already an enclosed campus, there is no separately enclosed area for residence students.
2.3 Types:
  2.3.1 Covered or shaded: Only Metanoia’s basement parking and a few garages at SU houses or residences (kerb and parking disc lime green). Student can park on any available undercover or shaded parking in the area (except for staff-, disabled, visitors or loading zone).
  2.3.2 Uncovered (kerb and parking disc lime green). Student can park on any available unsheltered parking bay in the area (except for staff, disabled, visitors or loading zone).
  2.3.3 At long-term parking area (parking disc purple).

For disabled students in SU housing (kerb lime green and parking disc yellow).

Disabled students apply electronically for access to park at their residence or student house. If parking is also required on campus, please send your request to the relevant campus’s parking coordinator. N.B. A registration disc for disabled persons from the traffic department and SU vehicle registration disc must be displayed at all times.

2.4 General parking: Periphery
  2.4.1 Periphery areas include Lentelus V4, Coetzenburg O2 (kerb white and parking disc white).
2.5 Holiday parking
  2.5.1 Arrangements can be made for registered vehicles. See the application procedure.