4. Parking for other groups

4.1 Visitors Send an email with the name and surname of visitor(s), vehicle registration, name of building to be visited, date and time to besoekersparkering@sun.ac.za to make arrangements. Please ensure that you make the booking at least 24 hours in advance.
4.2 Pensioners 4.2.1 If in SU employ, they qualify for staff parking (excluding undercover parking) and follow the application procedures for staff members.
4.2.2 If they are no longer in SU employ, they qualify for visitors’ parking.


See application procedure for staff members, or visitors' parking.
4.3 Deliverers and couriers Park only on loading zones at buildings. See application procedure.
4.4 Contractors The nature of the contractor's responsibilities will determine the type of parking he/she qualifies for. See application procedure.
4.5 Service vehicles
* Kerb orange
In a few areas there are parking bays specifically reserved for service vehicles. See application procedure. In areas where no dedicated and marked service vehicle parking bays are available, service vehicles may park in a loading zone or, in emergency situations, in non-reserved parking bays (kerb painted blue). Parking in any other unauthorised parking bays or unmarked areas could result in the issuing of a fine.
4.6 Bikers 4.6.1 Areas specifically intended for motorcycle parking will be clearly marked as such.


NB: Motorcycles may not park in a parking bay for motor vehicles, except if the owner applied for and has been allocated motor vehicle parking. In such a case the owner must also register his/her motorcycle with Transport Services so that it is clearly indicated that the motorcycle may indeed park legally on a parking bay for motor vehicles. See application procedure.