Fines will be issued for the following contraventions:

Description Fine
Failure to register vehicle R500
Failure to display parking disc R300
Unauthorized parking* R300
Unauthorized parking on a parking bay for the disabled R500
Disobeying traffic signs R300
Disobeying instructions from a Campus Security or Parking Official R500
Unlocking a wheel clamp R500

* Unauthorized parking entails inter alia:

  • Parking on university grounds of any vehicle not registered for access and not displaying the correct parking disc.
  • Parking in any parking bay that the parking disc holder is not registered for.
  • Parking in contravention of any national or local traffic legislation or regulations, e.g. parking on a red line or parking that obstructs access to a fire hydrant.

Please note the following:

  1. A maximum of two fines per person per year is allowed before disciplinary action is instituted.
  2. Should you fail to pay the fine(s), your current access to university parking may be temporarily or permanently suspended, in addition to any other penalties or fines which may be issued by the SU or any other authorized authority.
  3. The parking history of staff and students, including fines and non-payment, will play a role in the assessment of future applications for access to parking.

Payment of fines:
There are two payment options:

  • Pay the fine by EFT or by card at the cashier in Administration Building A (Stellenbosch Campus) or at the cashier at Tygerberg. Supply your SU number (if you are a student or staff member), fine number and specify “Parking fine, receipt type 3201” when paying the fine so that the payment can be linked to the right person and offence.
  • Pay electronically by means of the following banking details:
    • Bank: Standard Bank
    • Account name: SU deposit
    • Account number: 073 006 955
    • Branch code: 050610
    • Reference: B164 + fine number on your fine
  • In both cases proof of payment must be forwarded to the SU Mobility Manager.

Please note: If fines are not paid by means of one of the payment options above, it may, in case of students, be added to the student account.