Play your part

What earth will look like for future generations depends on each and every one of us. Here are a few things you can do:

Don't make a mess – anywhere. Your waste kills.
Buy food that has not been treated with poisonous substances or artificial fertilisers.
Buy fish and shellfish that were sustainably harvested. 80% of the world's biodiverse organisms live in the sea.
Buy wood and wood products such as paper from sustainable legal sources that are registered with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Use more digital media.
Use 100% recycled paper. This saves 24 trees per ton of non-recycled paper.
Plant a tree and create a legacy. Staff and students are encouraged to plant trees in local landscapes on campus.
Walk on designated footpaths in conservation areas.
Plant a vegetable garden.
Do not kill everything that wriggles and crawls with poison – it might be a future miraculous cure!
Help prevent global warming. Help stop greenhouse gases by using less energy and by producing less carbon dioxide due to your vehicle's exhaust fumes.
Inform your community about the value of living organisms.