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Maties care about the environment

At Stellenbosch University we believe in empowering our students to become global citizens for sustainable development. We hope your time here will set your expectations for how the world should be, while we create healthier, cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly productive spaces for our students and staff, whilst decarbonising our environment and – reducing our carbon footprint.

We have identified eight themes in our drive to become more environmentally sustainable and resilient. (Click to enlarge.)



Water remains one of our most precious resources. We are committed to using it wisely for years to come. Stellenbosch University is situated in the Western Cape which is a water scarce area that is prone to regular shortages of water droughts. Watch this video for a quick overview of how we save water on all our campuses.


We aim to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced on our campuses and divert waste away from landfill wherever possible. In the video, SRC chair Xola Njengele explains how we are doing this.

Biodiversity and land use

We are well aware that our campuses are part of a larger eco system. We therefore strive to minimise our impact on the environment and the natural resources available around us. We protect our trees, conserve our reserves and monitor our river and mountain areas. Here’s a closer look at how we’re using our available land space to promote and increase biodiversity.

Travel and Mobility

We aim to make our campuses more environmentally accessible to everyone by reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. Here’s how you can play your part.

Sustainable buildings

At Stellenbosch University we embrace sustainable design principles that help to reduce the environmental impact of our construction, refurbishment and operations activities. Here’s a closer look at how our buildings contribute to our environmental sustainability.

Energy and emissions

The graphic provides a snapshot of how we’re managing our energy use on campus. Energy contributes the biggest portion towards our emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases generated as it is produced from burning fossil fuels. This needs to change on our journey towards nett carbon zero.

Goods and services

The graphic provides an overview of how our procurement of goods and services ensures environmental sustainability for our staff, students and suppliers.


The graphic illustrates our drive to create a community of environmental sustainability champions, with students, staff and leadership all learning from each other.


It’s in your hands

Our environmental sustainability programmes and initiatives are guided by the knowledge that the earth is finite yet comprised of many interconnected systems. Therefore, all our actions must be ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable. Contact Dannica Pedro at or 021 808 4180 or Christine Groenewald at or 021 808 2452 to find out more!

We hope the information on this page empowers you to embark on a personal journey to reduce your impact on our shared environment, so we can all live, learn and work in a healthier world for years to come.